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How to Perfect Scrambled Eggs


Making good scrambled eggs is easy as long as you know how. Have you ever wanted delicous perfectly cooked scrambled eggs in the morning with toast or even by its self?Here are some tips and instructions how to make the best eggs.

Choosing your pan

Many pans will work. I recommend using a non-stick pan but you can use a cast-iron skillet. If using a cast-iron, I recommend seasoning it. Whatever you use, make sure you have a spatuala that won’t scratch it.

Choosing your oil/fat

Having a oil/fat for your eggs is important. It doesn’t flavor them, but it helps the eggs come of the pan cleanly and easily. Here are a few options (healthier versions included):


Butter is probably the most popular of this list. I recommend using salted butter for the best flavor, even though you can’t actually “taste” it. It’s there, but you don’t know it. You can use margarin too for a dairy free option. I like to use 1/2 tablespoon butter for 1-3 eggs and 1 tablespoon for 4-8.

Olive oil/olive oil spray:

This works well, but you can taste slightly. I like olive oil spray much better.

Coconut oil/Coconut oil spray:

For a healthier oil, this works well. I like the spray much better because if you use normal cocunut oil you have to use a lot and you can taste it.

Whisking your eggs:

Whisking gives your eggs a fluffier texture. I recommend beating your eggs in a bowl with a fork or whisk.

Seasoning your eggs:

Season your eggs with at least salt and pepper. My suggestion is seasoning your eggs right when there almost cooked.

Cooking your eggs:

Heat your oil/Fat until hot/melted over low heat. Pour in your eggs. Scrape the cooked eggs off the bottom of your pan after a few minutes. Break them up so its “scrambled.” Repeat until all eggs are cooked. Pull of heat as soon as the eggs start to set. The heat of the pan will continue to cook them. Serve with toppings such as herbs, bacon, sausage, and cheese.

I hope this helps!



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