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GF Brownie Mix Review

hello everyone! today i thought i would do a brownie mix review. cause i havent done a review in the 11 months ive had a blog. anyway today were gonna be doing a review on King Arthur Flour’s GF Brownie Mix!

first, the cost. on King Arthur Flours site it’s about $7, but from Target or Walmart (if you get it in stores) is around $5.50.

after we buy it its time to make it! (obviously.)

so the batter was super simple to whip together and only a few eggs to crack.


it started with mixing some eggs, butter and water together. normally gf mixes take like 5 eggs but for this one it only took a few.


the batter looked sooo good.


after i baked them they looked even better. so i let them cool and cut them. they definitely crumble a lot and didn’t photograph well.


this makes one 9×9 pan of brownies so if your bringing it to a party you might want to do 2 boxes!

the taste: amazinggggg!!!!!!!!!

they were not too sweet, and didnt have a baking soda flavor some gf mixes have.

it had a nice rich chocolate flavor which balanced the sweetness. the texture was wonderful too. it had a nice chewy edge and had a soft fudgy middle.

easily my FAVORITE boxed gf brownies!

i would highly recommend this mix for a gluten free friend or bring some to your neighbor. they’d never guess it was gluten free! perfect for party’s.


















6 thoughts on “GF Brownie Mix Review

  1. Ooh these look so good, Eva! Great review! Also, I know what you mean about some food not being picture-worthy, or hard to photograph, haha. It makes blogging about the treat hard!


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