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Easy Pepper Bacon Home Fries

  So lately, I feel like my writing style has really been influenced by what music I’m listening to at that time. I figured this out when I started writing raps about flour mixes. I only noticed this after the song switched from Manafest to The Afters. That may or may not be an exaggeration,…… Continue reading Easy Pepper Bacon Home Fries

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Creamy Gluten Free Potato Soup

Creamy, rich soup is so easy and so good! Potato soup has to be one of my favorite things to eat and make. It’s so creamy and warming. I made this on one of the coldest days of February-65 degrees. But it was still delicious, even when the sun was out and it felt super…… Continue reading Creamy Gluten Free Potato Soup

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Sausage Leek Soup

This creamy sausage soup is delicious on any day. I only like certain soups and this one is one of them. I hope you love it! I hope you enjoy and devour this delicious soup! -Elena:)    


Pan Seared Steak & Herb Butter with Potatoes

Steak and potatoes would probably make my list of top ten favorite meals.  Don’t get me wrong, a salad is great to, but who can say no to meat and potatoes? However, here in Ohio, we don’t exactly have all year round grilling weather. In the dead of winter, knowing how to pan sear a steak…… Continue reading Pan Seared Steak & Herb Butter with Potatoes