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GF Brownie Mix Review

hello everyone! today i thought i would do a brownie mix review. cause i havent done a review in the 11 months ive had a blog. anyway today were gonna be doing a review on King Arthur Flour’s GF Brownie Mix! first, the cost. on King Arthur Flours site it’s about $7, but from Target or…… Continue reading GF Brownie Mix Review

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Smoothie Combos & Recipes

Smoothies. there like a glass of creamy fruity dynamite. when we first moved to AZ we had no blender. and i was like, ‘what do i do???’ i was smoothie-less for 2. whole. months. anyway here i am to give you epic inspiration. you can make smoothies fruit-less, ice-less, you can make smoothies out of…… Continue reading Smoothie Combos & Recipes

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Copycat Cafe Zoupas Harvest Salad

Sweetness of apple and strawberry accompanies the citrus dressing and bitter greens to create the perfect flavors, Helllloooooo!! its been 2 months since i posted last, i did draft a post like… 2 month ago but i decide not to post that one, so Thursday night+movie+computer on my lap= me posting on Friday. im posting…… Continue reading Copycat Cafe Zoupas Harvest Salad

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Taking a Blog Break?!

Hey guys! It’s Eva here. As you can see, we haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks. Which means it’s even been longer since I have posted a chocolate recipe. *sad music* I know I’m being dramatic. But I’m still sorry, chocolate lovers. anyway, I am going to post something on Tuesday of Wendsday, so this…… Continue reading Taking a Blog Break?!

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Spiced Nuts

Mixed nuts are roasted to perfection with spices. Dude. how the heck could it have gotten up to 123 degrees where I live and we are one month into summer?!? Arizona is soooo hot. For the past 2 weeks weve been having tempatures range from 110 to 122. The record temp is 128 degrees in…… Continue reading Spiced Nuts

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Epic Chili Cheese Dip

Canned chili is upgraded to make the best chili dip EVER! With added cheese, cream cheese, and chili powder. Duuudee. This dip. Is everything. Canned chili? Ummmm…. Canned chili with cream cheese and cheese added? EPIC. Pure EPICNESS. Because. Guys. It’s chili+cheese. How can this be bad? This dip came along when a friend made…… Continue reading Epic Chili Cheese Dip

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Instead of the classic cookie, we have soft, chocolate chip filled deliciousness. Can you believe it’s been close to 5 weeks since I have posted a chocolate recipe?!? 5 weeks! I’m proud of myself. Trust me, I could have never, ever been able to do 6 weeks. I think I went a little over the…… Continue reading Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars