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How to Frost a Cupcake

Recently, I have been into frosting cupcakes. So, I decided to share them with you! I hope  you like them. You can also learn how to do it too!

I figured out that you can use frosting tips for different things not just frosting. 20170313_203908

Once I got my frosting tip and bag ready…I got my brush and dipped it into food coloring. I used yellow and blue coloring. Make sure to fold bag down when painting and filling bag with frosting.20170313_205107

Then you fill the bag up with white frosting. Use a spatuala to scoop frosting into bag.20170313_205352

This is my first cupcake. I used tip 18. 20170313_210049I filled the hole I made in the center up with sprinkles.20170313_210311

My second one….20170313_212012

third…. i filled the middle with frosting this time20170313_210927

For my fouth i got a new bag and used tip 1M. i made blue frosting for this one.20170313_214617 My fifth one (which is my favorite)…..20170313_213331I hope you enjoyed this!!! I loved making these! They were amazing. They were too pretty to eat but they’re all gone now… 😉





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